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Titan Advanced Energy Solutions. Battery Intelligence Based on Sound Science
TITAN develops and deploys revolutionary, ultrasound-based technologies to diagnose and actively manage lithium-ion batteries in battery factories, electric vehicles, laptops, phones, energy storage systems, and battery recycling.
EV Batteries: Creating a circular economy through traceability, transparency, and rapid diagnostics
TITAN has developed a Battery Health Platform that evaluates the condition of pre-owned EV batteries to diagnose its readiness for a second life in ESS solutions - or a trip to the recycling facility.
TITAN Ultrasonic eBMS for L-ion Batteries
TITAN has engineered a breakthrough technology based on the proven science of ultrasound. Applied to batteries, ultrasound delves deep into their inner workings to provide intelligence on any battery’s state of health and state of charge—at any stage of its life—in real time.

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