Rapid Battery Diagnostics.
For a Circular Economy

What is Scorpion?

Scorpion is our rapid battery diagnostics solution for lithium-ion batteries. A combination of proprietary hardware, cloud-based software and machine learning algorithms designed to measure the condition of a battery within seconds. The scanning technology works with prismatic and also pouch batteries.

Locally grade your batteries during pack disassembly, sort them by condition, enable second life applications, and maximize the value of your assets.

State of Charge as of a percentage of total remaining capacity with 99% accuracy

Quality Metric based on spatial homogeneity: Recycle, Poor Quality or Good Quality

Open Circuit Voltage for both electrode tabs relative to the central tab

State of Health as percentage of the original nameplate capacity with 99% accuracy

Digital Health Record to ensure transparency and traceability

Internal resistance

Welcome to the future of Battery Diagnostics.

1. Determine the value of your batteries, maximize their use and your profits

Rapid and localized battery diagnostics remove the financial barriers hindering the growth of the used battery market.

By making battery knowledge accessible, we bring transparency to the battery market so you can determine the true value of your used batteries based on their potential.

2. Accurately evaluate the condition of batteries, at the molecular level

Retired EV batteries are ideal candidates for second-life stationary storage applications however, the performance of these systems is determined by the performance of its weakest cell.

By measuring batteries at the molecular level we determine battery condition with 99% accuracy, at the cell level.

3. Safety first

To ensure the safe use, storage, re-sale, and transportation of used batteries, said batteries must be tested regularly as their internal condition is impacted by external conditions such as temperature and humidity.

By making battery diagnostics widely available, rapid, and cost-effective we remove the logistical, technological and economic barriers to the safe management of batteries.

Sound Science. Accuracy First.

Using ultrasound technology, proprietary electronics, and machine learning Titan has turned an expensive and centralized 8-20 hour cycling process into an easy 10 second battery diagnostic test.

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Not just a stand-alone product

but, a full diagnostics platform

Our 2L Cloud Platform was designed to easily integrate with existing inventory management platforms, enable single or multi-facility management and provide public or private access to battery diagnostics data and health records.

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How Scorpion stacks against competition

By combining ultrasound, proprietary electronics, and machine learning algorithms Scorpion delivers the winning triad: accuracy, speed, no CAPEX.

And in shifting the economics of battery diagnostics technology we are also transforming the energy industry…

Used batteries turn from liabilities into assets, second—life integrators build profitable businesses, the costs of energy storage systems lower, battery-powered systems become safer, and we build the future we want to live in.

Scorpion in action

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